POSHEstyle: I'm 99.9% Sure I'm A Disney Princess

How many of us grew up on the fantasies of being a Disney princess? From the fashion, to the handsome prince/shining savior, to the happy ending - these dreams stay with us from that very moment, no matter the realities of life.  But frankly, I say - keep dreaming, keep wishing and keep believing - because though it may not be a disney replay, we can all have our own magical stories. 

This post itself has a cute and warm storyline. A few months ago, I posted a picture of a mug on Instagram with this exact phrase, and captioned it "So Are You!!" - because I believe we genuinely all are. There is beauty and magic to be found in all of us and that's why the underlining manifesto of my brand and blog is "One Love. One Heart. Different Style". My best-friend, upon a trip to London, saw this Disney t-shirt, with the same phrase, and remembered my post. It was such a sweet surprise and a gift I truly cherish - she's awesome!   

Some may think this message overbearing or conceited, but on the contrary I find it empowering and liberating. Why shouldn't we regard ourselves just as special as these characters we've been taught to idolize? You're a princess and don't let anyone tell you or treat you differently ;) 

When I first thought of putting this look together, my immediate style reference was to do sweet and pretty - a cute tulle skirt, a sleek pencil skirt or a flowing maxi - but then I thought, why go with the ideological notion of a princess. So instead, I went a little more modern and a little more rock and roll. 

These American Eagle ripped jeans are not only cool and edgy, but they are also on-trend this season. I've even done a few DIY projects on a couple old pairs, so you too can easily grab some scissors and shop your own closet to get this look. I tied a contrasting wash denim shirt by Mossimo around my waist for a bit more casual depth and interest

Pairing edgy and classic accessories together resulted in a cool balance - a timeless Chanel J12 watch and Tiffany & Co bracelet, layered with an edgy braided bracelet; a couple metal midi rings, with a Cartier and diamond rings; and a Chanel Classic handbag and Louboutin Pigalle pumps added just the right amount of glam to keep the tone princess worthy. 

Shot/Edited by Photographer: Andrew Morales | IG @lifeinreverie | www.lifeinreverie.com


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Disney T-shirt

American Eagle Skinny Jeans

Mossimo Denim Shirt (similar here and here)

Ferragamo Aviators

Chanel J12 Watch

Tiffany & Co Bracelet

Chanel Classic Jumbo 

Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

Cartier Love Ring


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One Love. One Heart. Different Styles 

Poshestyle xo