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POSHEstyle: OMGosh Gift Guide For The Family

OMGosh Guys!!!! It's just a few days to Christmas and this one is for all my last minute shoppers - because, frankly I'm one of them, and I need this list just as much as you do to keep my sanity this week :/

I have a big family filled with different personalities and interests - so shopping gets very interesting and hectic, but I wouldn't change the crazy.  

The Decorator

My mom's true passion lies in her home. She enjoys home design, diy projects, holiday decor, family dinner parties - any and everything that involves decor brings her joy - and nothing makes me happier than seeing how excited she gets about making, and sharing a beautiful home :) 

The Fitness Focused

My sister's commitment to her health motivates me. She is an Architect, who through her discipline has turned her passion for fitness into not just a lifestyle, but a business as well. Her favorite fashion piece is a great sports find, and she is more than happy to expand her collection. 

The New Career-Mom

There's a new baby coming for January 2017 for one of the most dedicated women I know. After working hard to complete med school, my sister is now preparing to be a mom, and I know she is going to be amazing at both! 

The Modest Fashionista

This single-mom, lawyer-in-the-making is not just smart - but has a very sophisticated sense of style. Her modest values does not hinder her from expressing her uniquely sense of fashion in a way that is inspiring, even to me! 

The Tech Obsessed

Boys love their toys and my brother sure does love his. But, being tech savvy is no longer just about owning the latest gadget - it's a lifestyle and these pick say "cool kid" without even trying ;)

This list continues....but I hope you find it inspiring, or even directly helpful in doing last minute shopping that is still thoughtful and fitting for the different persons in your life.


One Love. One Heart. Different Styles

Poshestyle xo 

Posted on December 20, 2016 and filed under Gift Guide.