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POSHEstyle: {LBD} + Life Lessons of 2017

“One Is Never Over-Dressed or Underdressed with A Little Black Dress - Karl Lagerfeld” 


Another year has come to a close. My 2017 was filled with extremes - from major challenges I had to overcome - to amazing gifts from the universe I didn't see coming. What a year and what lessons to take forward into 2018. 

  1. Protect your Peace - nurture your life, relationships, surroundings in a way that they bring you calmness and make you more centered. Avoid chaotic situations and volatile energies. 
  2. Pick your Battles - not everything is worth a fight, sometimes you just have to let things go. Select what is worth investing and directing your energy towards.
  3. Stepping Back isn't Giving Up - life gets overwhelming - period - especially when you have big dreams and grand envisions. You will feel like you're failing, but it's essential to detach yourself from the hustle, regroup, re-strategize and make your comeback. 
  4. Take Time for You - Work on your inner being, clear negative thoughts, self-doubts, fears, insecurities. Make time for things that bring you joy and nurture growth. 
  5. Compete with Yourself - do not compare your life to someone else's and judge yourself based on their highlights. Focus on your self-improvement and evolution. “Comparison is the death of joy.” – Mark Twain
  6. You are Enough - do not let anyone make you feel inadequate - ever! This does not mean you are perfect and flawless - it means you are special how you are, deserve to be treated with love and respect, and do not require someone else's validation. 
  7. Trust the Universe - we can't foresee what will happen next, but the energy and manifestation you project will bounce back. Once you really let it, the universe will give you what you want. 
  8. Collect more Memories and less Things - we all need (and want) things - but don't overcrowd your world with tangibles, because material satisfaction is fleeting. Life experiences create a story, a memory that can be relived over and over. 
  9. Kindness doesn't mean Weakness - a giving heart, gets bigger returns. We live in a world that makes it easy to be cold and self-absorbed. Being caring and considerate builds true character. 
  10. Create your Life -  You have the power to steer your life, don't give away that control. Life does not owe you anything. Take charge of its direction and make it what you want.  


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POSHESTYLE: Denim on Denim + Fall Feelings

Fall is quite honestly my favorite season - not only because it gives me the challenge of creatively layering and styling - but more so because it ignites a fire within me to close the year having made progress, and to prepare for an even better year ahead. I know....talking about the new year already....what??....well September has always felt like the real start of everything new for HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


It is also the time that I reflect most on the year I have had, and what I need to work on - personally, professionally, physically and mentally. I tend to draw back socially and take time to myself to go through a self and life analysis. This year in particular has been filled with extremities. Personally - I finally let go of someone I loved dearly and held on to in my heart for years, but oddly it's been one of the most exhilarating things to feel at peace with your past. Professionally - I've successfully contributed to building the business of a very reputable brand, whilst I've struggled with the growth of my own...including this one...but I love what I do and I'm one determined woman so it will happen! Physically - I was awaken to the reality that my metabolism isn't invincible and it's time to get disciplined and serious about my health, which also excites me because who doesn't love all the cute gear - everywhere! Mentally - there have been some real headaches, but I've realized that what's most important is focusing on the positives, living in the now, and being unapologetically true to you no matter what life throws your way.   


Ok...I've been all up in my feelings - so lets talk some fashion now. Denim on denim is more a classic look than a trend, but the combo is hot on the radar right now - especially with how "warm" the weather has been. Denim is the perfect transitional's great for laying on a cool day. This oversized jacket is perfect because it can be worn with a t-shirt when the temperature turns up, or with heavier knits when it gets colder. The python print adds a very chic touch to these Rock & Republic jeans, so I knew instantly they were a must have - add a simple white tank it's a perfect complement. 


As for the added touches of paired accessories - python Louboutins and minimal classic jewelry like this Hermes Heure H watch - took this look from streets to suites. The backpack is the ultimate chic carry along, and this Mansur Gavriel makes a very clean and clear statement. A pair of RayBan aviators pulls this ultra cool - effortlessly glam look together. 


What do you guys think about this look? Are you feeling the denim on denim? Can anyone relate to my "fall feelings?" - Would love to hear your thoughts and don't worry I can take it ;) 


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One Love. One Heart. Different Styles

xoxo Poshestyle

POSHEstyle: Floral Cape + More Love

You don't have to be hardcore to be a superhero - a floral cape can be just as effective as a latex power suit. There is power and beauty in who you are - exactly how you are! 

We are all designed differently - each uniquely crafted and special. It's always been natural for me to get along with different personalities; to interact and connect with a diverse mix of people. Am I compatible with everyone - absolutely not - but do I practice appreciating someone's individuality, being non judgmental to our differences, focusing more on the positives than negatives, being kind and respectful; and spreading love not war - absolutely yes! 

As my heart breaks to see how much pointless hatred is alive and strong in this world - I heavily ponder what's the point? Even the longest of lives - is but a short story. We all have such little time to really "live", to experience the beauties and wonders of this world. Why use that precious opportunity to manifest negativity and propel darkness? We can never have a perfect world - good and evil must coexist - but, we can make love win - we must make love win!

It starts small - with each of us - with every person we interact with, find and focus on what connects us, be compassion about what separates us, and find a balance of what unites us. In an ideal world it would be "One Love" - but in the real world, even if it may never be "All Love"  - it can certainly be "More Love" 

"Life is not just Black and White; explore the Colors in between" 


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POSHEstyle: GingHam Romper & Letting Go

It's crazy to think we are already half way through the year, and summer is quickly making it's way to "until next time!" This year, so far - has been one of changes and transitions - some exhilarating, and some exasperating. But, one thing has kept me true to my resilience - and that is - letting go! 

Last year, this time, I had moved into my new apt in FiDi a few months prior; I had just launched my swim brand - LAPOSHE - my blog was really starting to grow, and I was about to embark on the different, but exciting territory of the real estate business. But, through all these promising accomplishments, I was struggling to keep my smile up and the tears away - because, I was simultaneously experiencing a plato of emotional turmoil and confusion from having my ex - and my heartbreaker - back in my life after 4 years. 

It was through that struggle, that I realized how crucial my emotional health is to my productivity - and though I was still pushing myself to achieve my goals - I could see them suffering. I lost momentum and consistency, I couldn't focus, and I was completely distracted. But, sometimes you need your kryptonite to remind you just how strong you really are, and how far you've come. 

And then...this year happened...and I made a promise to "let it go" and accept that not everything is meant to be, and that's ok! We can't steer someone else's destiny, we can only captain our own - it's ok to choose YOU! That lead me to where I am now - a new chapter, new neighborhood, new apt - filled with positivity, living in the moment, enjoying life, and feeling very optimistic and excited for what's to come :)  

Ok, ok...enough of my personal life banter...lets talk a little fashion and a lot of style. Gingham has been the biggest trend this season, and this Zara romper from 2 years ago was conveniently in my closet waiting for its perfect debut. The streets and modern architecture of my old neighborhood downtown was the perfect backdrop for this clean, structured and chic look. The classic accessories - Chanel bag, Chanel J12 watch, Chanel oversized sunnies and Louboutins - transformed what may be "trendy" right now into what will be "timeless" forever.   


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Zara Romper 

Chanel Classic 

Chanel J12 Watch

Chanel Sunglasses

Christian Louboutin Pumps 


One Love. One Heart. Different Styles

Poshestyle xo

POSHEstyle: Ripped Jeans + Metallics

Every time my mom sees me wearing these jeans she asks "why do you look like you were attacked by a wild animal" or "like you are homeless and can't afford a good pair of jeans" - she kinda has a valid point..LOL! But, I love a good cool, distressed, rebellious look every now and again. 

I swear by how comfy these Zara boyfriend jeans are - they are my go-to #airportstyle when traveling and are so airy and cool for the summer. I wear them with kicks, heels, sandals - dressed up and dressed down. 

This top is from one of my all time favorite designers - Daniel Silverstain - his style is so NYC - cool, chic and collected! The leather is light and the mesh details breathable, making it wearable in warmer times, but a perfect laying piece for cooler temperatures. The bag is from Katie Lares - she uses unconventional household hardware as accessories - like the handle on this petite beauty. The ring is from the Solomeina collection and makes a statement all on its own - no other jewelry necessary! All these amazing designs are available at Flying Solo NYC - a collective in Soho (434 West Broadway) owned and operated by the designers - that's pretty amazing!   

I literally live in these Kensie shoes, and I am seriously on the hunt to find the exact pair - because I regret not buying a backup. They are neutral, stylish, comfortable - every standard passed for shoe perfection. If you see them anywhere - GRAB THEM!!!!!

I couldn't finish this post without talking about this mural wall I found in Soho - a little boy on a small bicycle challenging the older, aggressive, mean-looking competition on their motorcycles - making his own luck! It wasn't until after seeing the images, that I realized how dynamic and inspirational the message was - and how coincidentally perfect the wall was for this look - rough, rugged jeans and an armor inspired stop - the law of attraction! In life, you can't sit back and be fearful - waiting for things to go your way - you have to be ready for the challenges, ready to fight for what you want, ready to prove your magic - ready to "Let It Rip!!"


Get The POSHE Look: 

Zara Boyfriend Jeans (similar Missguided here & Testudo here

Daniel Silverstain Top (visit store) 

Katie Lares Bag (visit store)

Solomeina Ring

Kensie Sandals (similar here & here



One Love. One Heart. Different Styles

Poshestyle xo