POSHEstyle: Shopping Smart & Scoring Designer Deals Online!!

I get super excited this time of the year because I know my wardrobe is about to get a major facelift. Why?? Because one of the biggest sale weekend of the year is around the corner...YAY!!! It's November and with it comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and all the glorious shopping days in between....

Now, listen to me - shopping cheap does not equate to shopping smart. There is a strategy in getting the best value for your hard earned cash....focus on buying quality not quantity, and shop the sales!! I wear quite a few "reputable brands" but I rarely pay full price, and there is no other feeling for a fashion enthusiast, than scoring a great designer piece at a steal. 

                                            Flared Paige Denim 70% off Retail at Marshalls

                              LOFT Silk Camisole Top found at an additional 40% off sale

Plus, Christmas is tomorrow (well not literally) - and holiday shopping can get so stressful - wanting to get friends, family and lovers something really nice, but not having a huge budget to spend on all those gifts. Preparation is key my friends - they will love the gift, and you will love the price ;) 

So, how do you close the rest of 2016 full of style and free of stress? These are my top five (5) tips for shopping smart online: 

  1. Decide on a budget - make a list of what you want and how much they may cost, set  a maximum budget and shop maturely - commit to it!
  2. Prepare for the day in advance - check where online you can find your "wishlist", create an account on the sites if you need to, and store items in your basket if you can....don't leave until last minute...time is precious if you want to snag that deal. 
  3. Check for pre sales - many retailers are extending their sale before the weekend and you don't want to see your dream item sold out.
  4. Make sure you have enough cash/limit on your debit or credit card, or in your paypal account... you don't want to reach checkout and have an oops or FML moment :( 
  5. Be victorious and proud of your accomplishment...you just shopped like a champ...CONGRATS!

For my Caribbean readers this one is especially for you - yes you - I get your messages and emails asking how to get what I am wearing, and haven't been purposely leaving you out. I know the struggle is real when it comes to shopping and shipping to the Caribbean, but I have the perfect solution. 

The CaribShopper app is simple, safe and super convenient - Download the App, Register online, Shop from over 100 US stores, Expect your delivery via DHL - so you too can score big this sales weekend and get all your items delivered directly to your door. Plus, get 10% off shipping with code POSHE10. 

Visit the CaribShopper website here https://www.caribshopper.com/ and check out this video from Caribbean beauties Paris and Roxy for more about how to use this awesome new app! 

"Its Time to Shop Differently, Be a Shopper Not a Shipper"


Get The POSHE Look:

LOFT Silk Cami (similar here)

Paige Flare Denim (similar here)

Tom Ford Aviators

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Chanel J12 Watch

Daniel Wellington Bracelet


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