POSHEstyle: Floral Cape + More Love

You don't have to be hardcore to be a superhero - a floral cape can be just as effective as a latex power suit. There is power and beauty in who you are - exactly how you are! 

We are all designed differently - each uniquely crafted and special. It's always been natural for me to get along with different personalities; to interact and connect with a diverse mix of people. Am I compatible with everyone - absolutely not - but do I practice appreciating someone's individuality, being non judgmental to our differences, focusing more on the positives than negatives, being kind and respectful; and spreading love not war - absolutely yes! 

As my heart breaks to see how much pointless hatred is alive and strong in this world - I heavily ponder what's the point? Even the longest of lives - is but a short story. We all have such little time to really "live", to experience the beauties and wonders of this world. Why use that precious opportunity to manifest negativity and propel darkness? We can never have a perfect world - good and evil must coexist - but, we can make love win - we must make love win!

It starts small - with each of us - with every person we interact with, find and focus on what connects us, be compassion about what separates us, and find a balance of what unites us. In an ideal world it would be "One Love" - but in the real world, even if it may never be "All Love"  - it can certainly be "More Love" 

"Life is not just Black and White; explore the Colors in between" 


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Bebe Cape Top (worn as a Dress)

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

Vintage Purse  (similar) 

RayBan Aviators 


Posted on August 15, 2017 and filed under POSHE Outfits.