One Love. One Heart. Different Styles.

Welcome to the Poshestyle blog

your destination for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 


First things first! Who is this new blogger on the block?

Well, Poshestyle is the brainchild of Fashion Expert, Camesha Powell. I’ve worked professionally in fashion for over eight years but been a creative soul my entire life. 

One of my greatest pleasures is to educate and share with other women and men, how to visually express the person they want to be and prepare for where they want to go, personally and professionally. I understand the power of personal branding and how it can change the direction of your life. 

Here I will take you on a journey of style and self discovery. I’ll share industry news, lifestyle tips, personal style posts, street-style features, DIY projects, makeovers, what’s trending, interview tips and behind-the-scenes of all our projects. It’s going to be a fun ride!

For years, I thought about writing a blog to share my visual outlook and insatiable love for everything fashion. We all have our own style identities and I am super excited to share my fashion journal and knowledge with you. For, what is true love if not completely, entirely and shamelessly expressed.

One Love, One Heart. Different Styles. 

Poshestyle xo